Referral and Broker Program

An Open Invitation to Come and Join Our Team

If you’re an up-and-coming financial broker, it’s about time you ask yourself these questions:

  • Could easier access to lending options help get me more clients?
  • Am I getting all of the credit I deserve for the work I do?
  • Is there a better situation than the one I’m currently in?

At Fargo Lending are happy to tell you that the answer to each of those questions is a resounding YES!

Opportunities for Independent Brokers

At Fargo Lending, we help numerous independent brokers secure financing for their clients every year. If you’ve been frustrated by your lack of funding options, we invite you to allow your clients access to our network of lenders. Not only will they find the funds that they need in order to secure their transactions, but you’ll enjoy the benefit of the best referral rates in the industry. Should your client’s come to us again for financing options, we’ll be sure to send them back your way to help structure their deals.

We Want You!

Aside from collaborating with independent brokers, our Referral and Broker Program also provides opportunities for individuals to come and be a part of our team. If you happen to be looking for a new opportunity within the financial industry, we can provide you with that. When you choose to work with us, you’ll benefit from the association with some of the most highly-respected minds in the business. Those networking opportunities will not only help to develop your skills as a broker, but they’ll also help you to build notoriety within the industry. On top of all that, we offer some of the best benefits and commissions you’ll find with any financial firm.

Fargo Lending enjoys the reputation of being one of the most respected firms in the commercial finance industry. That distinction is due completely to the outstanding team of brokers working underneath our umbrella. There’s room within this talented group for someone like you. We look forward to the skills and expertise that you can bring to our team. To learn more about coming on board with us or enjoying the benefits of our partnership, just give us a call today!

Let’s Team Up

As a Broker/Agent for Fargo Capital, Inc. you can take control of your future!  Many people go through life never taking the bold step you are about to take. Your future is limited only by your desire to succeed.

Becoming a Fargo Broker/Agent is a bold step that can lead to increasing your income many times over.

  • Fargo Broker/Agents offer a variety of financial services that include:
  • Merchant Cash Advances, Fargo also offers a program for Merchants that have defaulted on a Merchant Cash Advance.
  • Small Business Loans,
  • Equipment financing and
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans.  (non-owner occupied) In the Fix and Flip Real Estate arena we offer some of the best rates and terms in the industry. 
  • Brokers will be able to provide a same day “Letter of Credit” to borrowers seeking to make Commercial Real Estate and Fix and Flip Loans of  up to $250,000.

Our affiliate lenders were hand picked for their commitment to rates and service. Easy application process and fast funding!  Our goal has always been to be able to say “Yes” when others say no.

Upcoming products include:  Merchant Credit Card processing and Payroll Services as residual income sources.

As a Fargo Broker/Agent you can start with a virtual office working from your home. A Fargo Broker should have ambitions to open a brick and mortar office within 6 months of their start date.

As an agent you are simply adding Fargo as a resource and earn commissions on the loans you generate.

As a Broker for Fargo, you can operate independently using the Fargo Capital, Inc./ Fargo Lending brand.  Broker offices operate under their current business status doing business as Fargo Lending (Your City).  Ie: Joe’s Loans dba Fargo Lending.

Broker Benefits:

  • Your office will be added to our website. Once your office has closed 12 loans, an additional website for your location/city will be developed at no cost to you.
  • Use of our national 800 with Call Forwarding to your current business telephone number,
  • A Customer Service Department to resolve Customer Concerns,
  • A larger commission scale and 80% of the Origination Fees.
  • Your own Fargo email accounts and Fargo Marketing materials. Once your office has closed 12 loans, an additional website for your location/city will be developed at no cost to you.
  • As a Broker you develop your own Sales Team, earn commissions on what your Team produces and increase your earnings beyond your imagination.
  • Press Release in your market area announcing your new Broker status!
  • Send your Resume to and tell us why you are a perfect fit for our Team.